How Tailor-Made ERP Solutions Can Drive Success in Manufacturing

Increased efficiency , customer satisfaction and competitive edge through custom ERP Implementation


Eekual bionic GmbH designs, develops, manufactures personalized shoes. Via the app, a customer makes images of their feet and an algorithm extracts their measurements. Then measurements are used to create perfectly fitting sneakers made exactly for the wearer. The company sells its products through their app and ships them worldwide. Eekual bionic GmbH was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

With our assistance, the company has experienced a significant uplift in their operational efficiency, reduced processing delays, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Aided by our bespoke ERP system, they have successfully transitioned from manual processes to automated workflows, thereby gaining a competitive edge in their market.

The Challenge

As a pioneering designer and manufacturer of personalized shoes, Eekual bionic GmbH was encountering operational challenges due to their growing scale. They needed a more efficient method of managing their unique manufacturing process. The issues included:

  • Manual handling of processes led to inefficiencies and errors.
  • The need to manage complex customer data, including foot images, design and manufacturing files.
  • The lack of flexibility in off-the-shelf ERP solutions to adapt to new features.
  • Difficulty in effectively tracking the order journey from measurement extraction to shipping.


To address these challenges, we worked closely with Eekual to develop a bespoke ERP system. The customized solution brought several improvements to their workflow:

  • Enhanced management of orders, status tracking, and handling of photos and design files.
  • Automation of Eekual's business processes, ensuring seamless tracking of each order's journey.
  • Efficient handling and storage of each customer's unique design files.
  • The flexibility to introduce and manage new features quickly, in response to emerging business needs.


The implementation of a tailor-made ERP system led to improvements in Eekual's operations and customer satisfaction. The outcomes included:

  • Increased operational efficiency with real-time order status updates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due reduction in order processing delays.
  • Reduced waste by allowing to prioritizing tasks more efficiently.
  • Increased their competitive edge by allowing to rapidly implement and manage new features.
  • Elimination of the limitations and recurring costs associated with generic ERP systems.

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