Empowering Educational Games with AI

How Advanced Computer Vision Transformed a Simple Board Game into an Interactive Learning Experience


BMK (member of Atea group ) is an IT company working for more than 28 years. BMK offers advanced printing, audio-visual and educational solutions from a single source and enables companies seeking progress to use their resources efficiently. BMK is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. During our partnership 1D.works we've helped BMK to boost their solutions with AI-based computer vision solutions.
BMK was developing an educational game for children to learn letters and numbers and teach them words. The game was setup to have a game board and symbol pieces to play. Furthermore, a camera would track the game state and a projector project the visuals onto the board. That required some visual AI and, thus, we joined to help them.

The Challenge

Our problem was to identify symbols & their locations in an image which could further be processed to calculate the game state & visuals. There were more than 50 unique game pieces, which would needed to be detected accurately, quickly and without using too many resources to facilitate an engaging playing experience. Furthermore, the the solution had to be able to accommodate new symbol sets and other languages.

Example Image


We wrote an algorithm which used a machine learning model to locate & identify the different game pieces. Most importantly, to train it only a single example image of the symbol was sufficient.
This meant that BMK that:

  • No need to spend resources on image labeling
  • Allows to add types of game pieces easily in the future


BMK got their educational AR game to production. We've helped them make it happen. Furthermore, our algorithm allows them to experiment and add more languages, symbols and games to their platform. Hence, our impact spans beyond the current case. Helping next generation educate is something we are very happy to have participated in.

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