Privacy-Preserving Vehicle Tracking at Circle K

Leveraging Advanced Tech to Monitor Car Queues Without Compromising GDPR Standards


BMK (member of Atea group ) is an IT company working for more than 28 years. BMK offers advanced printing, audio-visual and educational solutions from a single source and enables companies seeking progress to use their resources efficiently. BMK is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Circle K approached BMK with a problem: they want to know how many cars are queueing up in their facilities. Previously the client used security camera feed and stored the images in their servers and put life stream video on their webpage for customers to see queue size. With GDPR it is a problem to store data that could be used to identify a person. Then, how do you get insights while still preserving the users' privacy?

The Challenge

The car-washing company has many facilities all over the country. The solution had to be adaptable to facilities with different setups. The main obstacles in this challenge were:

  • Different cameras and image quality
  • Variety in camera placement and angle
  • Weather conditions:
    • Direct sunlight
    • Rain or snow


We developed a computer vision system which utilizes Deep Learning AI model that can accurately count the number of cars waiting in queue at each facility, while preserving the anonymity of the individuals. In addition to the AI system, we developed tools that allow:

  • The system to improve over time, by letting the client to feed new data to the algorithm
  • Adapt algorithm parameters to each facility specifically


The system has been successfully implemented in several locations and provides quality service to the customers of the client. The car queue count is conveniently shared with customers through an API, which is displayed on the client's webpage, complying with GDPR regulations and keeping personal information private. You can witness the system's effectiveness for yourself by visiting

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